Friday, August 20, 2010

Budget Artwork for Kid's

My son C-man's room is still sorta stuck in Nursery Land. Well since he is now 5, I think he needs a soon to be a Kindergartner makeover. Hence my dresser makeover post. That was just the start and let me tell you, it really got my creative juices flowing. Now once again, I found inspiration over at
I just LOVE everything about their style! It's so fresh & modern. Right up my alley. Here is my inspiration:
Photo Courtesy of:

Now remember, I am going for an older theme, but this is the first in the projects I am creating to get a similar look.

I started out by using just standard old Microsoft Word. I typed up the alphabet with inserting my son's name amongst it. I used the Broadway font size 72.

Then I change the colors to highlight the entire alphabet in one color and his name in a coordinating other color to make it stand out.

Finish it off by printing it out on the Advanced Photo setting on your printer with Photo quality paper. Frame it in a cute frame & Whola!!! Instant art on a budget for your nursery or child's bedroom!!!

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