Thursday, August 26, 2010

Frames, Frames & more Frames

Now the past few weeks I have been busy on my youngest son's art wall in his bedroom. And luckily, I was able to do it at a very low cost. Basically some spray paint and ALOT of thrift store picture frames helped me get the job done. Are you noticing a theme??? I just HEART spray paint!!! I use it all the time in all sorts of projects. Basically if it can sit still long enough, I can & will spray paint it!!!

I basically look at the art/picture frame section of every thrift store I go into. I am ALWAYS on the look for sturdy & cute frames. I am a big photographer, I take pictures very often of my family, friends, and everyday events. So I can never have enough frames!!! I don't pay much for them. I have gotten them for as cheap as 10 cents at a garage sale and I usually don't spend over $3.00. I don't pay any attention to the color, or finish. The only thing I really look for is a way to hang it on the wall or display it, and that it is sturdy. You can often get large frames for very little.


1. I start out by taking them apart. I put the glass and backs aside.
2. Then I clean each frame to make sure they are clear of dust & dirt.
3. I prime the frames, then spray paint them. (I have to admit, sometimes I may skip the priming, I can be impatient at times :) )

Then VIOLA! A wall of photos that look great because they have that one common denominator....COLOR!


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