Monday, August 30, 2010

New Series: Etsy Treasure of the Day

I am starting a new series, or sort of my wish list in Etsy. If you haven't heard of Etsy yet, you have to go check it out. It is a FABULOUS collection of amazing handmade & vintage treasures.

I just heart going on Etsy and seeing what artists from all over the world have been up to creating. I get very inspired just looking through the beautiful art and vintage pieces.

Thus, I am starting on Monday's, a new series called "Etsy Treasure of the Day". It will be my picks on what I am loving right now.

I have to start with my Fall wishlist of trying to become more sustainable. I saw these
"Mid Century Modern Orange Towel House - Dispenser for Paperless Unpaper Towels" from Made in the Redbarn.
and fell in love. This is a convenient, stylish way to kick the paper towel habit!

They come in a great selection of funky bright colors, or more neutral if that is your style. They also sell
Paperless, Reusable, Eco Friendly Unpaper Towels to go with them! What a genius idea!

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