Tuesday, January 25, 2011

ORGANIZATION: Mail Station/Mobile Command Center Day #17

Mail Station/Mobile Command Center Day #17

Today's challenge is the Mail Station. I now have 2 systems in place thanks to Toni over at "A Bowl Full of Lemon's" blog. She coincidentally is also who has helped me get UBER organized in this New Year with her "21 Day Organizational Challenge".
This is the system I have had in place for several years now. It still works, but didn't handle all my needs.

There is a spot for my mail & the hubby's. Also the files hold more long time filing needs.

Here is where I store my labels & stamps.

This works great for sorting mail & for long time filing. What I needed help with was this!

All that counter top mail/paper clutter that was stuff that I didn't have a spot to file. Things I needed to go back to or was something I needed at my finger tips. What I am talking about is: coupons, those sign & return forms for school, info on school that I needed to read, kids art/keepsakes that I had yet to file, Internet coupons or promos, birthday invites for my boys, etc.

So I am still going to use my original system. I am just adding on another system to make it even better!

 This Fabulous, & Genius idea is EXACTLY what I needed. Something I can bring out or move when I am using it. (So I can keep it near me when I am on my computer for quick reference). But also a "mobile" option that I can easily pick up & move to it's home when I am not using it. See below:

Here it is stored in my Media Closet with my mail sorter!

Toni gives you all the info needed to recreate this great idea here!

Here is what I did to get mine!
I got all my supplies at Target.
-The mobile filing tote
-The calendar (Dollar Spot)
-Calendar Stickers (Dollar Spot)
-The pens
-The file folders (inside the filing tote already)

Here is a side view....LOVE the handles...makes moving easy peasy!

He she is all put together & in use!

My filing categories: Outgoing mail, To file, Sign & Return, Tyler (oldest son), Colin (youngest son), Michelle, Coupons, Internet Coupons/Promos, etc

I HEART this new system! It truly makes my kitchen more tidy & all my "paper" organized! Thanks again Miss Toni for the FABULOUS idea!!!  Keep em coming!


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Monday, January 24, 2011

Valentines Day Subway Art

You have to go over to "Craftily Ever After" & check out the UBER cute V-day's subway art that she made! I just have to have it for my Valentines Day display! I just LOVE me some Subway art! Go check it out HERE!!!

And see those cool
Felt Rosette Decor Balls? She will give you a tutorial

on how to make those too!!!

Wow, and the fact it's January 24th, I need to get going on my Valentine's Day display!
Pics to follow!!!


ORGANIZATION: The Fridge Day #16

The Fridge Day #16

Today's challenge was the Fridge. The most time consuming part was scrubbing her up squeaky clean!

 Here she is BEFORE:
The door-BEFORE


The Door-Once cleaned out.

The inside-Once cleaned out.

The Door-AFTER

The Inside-AFTER

The bin for sandwich making.

Top Drawer-AFTER

The Tupperware bin I keep produce in.

There you have it. All clean & organized!


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Friday, January 21, 2011

ORGANIZATION: Meal Planning Binder #15

Day #15 is suppose to be Medicine/Vitamin Organization. Well I already covered these areas in both my Linen Closet Organization Day #4 and my Medicine Cabinet Organization Day #13.

Soooooooooooooooo, I happened to come across this FABULOUS & INSPIRING post today over at "The Crafting Chicks" which I thought was PURE GENIUS & decided this is what I was going to organize today!!!! What a clever idea, a meal planning binder!!!

I started by gathering my supplies....all of which I already had on hand! (I LOVE it when that happens!)
I downloaded these SUPER CUTE Grocery List/Menu planner from Abby Welker of "A Feathered Nest".
I love I can plan my meal for the week as well as plan my grocery shopping trip for everything I need for the week's menu!

Then I just started gathering up all our FAVORITE recipes that I make on a regular basis, as well as those recipes I have clipped that I wanted to try.
Once I had a good collection of recipes I typed them all up & filed them in my binder!
I have a feeling this will keep my UBER organized in my meal planning!
My  binders cover...I just quickly created
this to make it pretty!

He she is ready to go! I can't wait to try it out next week!

What do you think? Is this something you would try? What ways do you stay on top of your meal planning and the dreaded "Mom, what's for dinner?".


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Thursday, January 20, 2011

ORGANIZATION: The Under the Bathroom Sink Day #14

The Under the Bathroom Sink Day #14

I have to say I was glad to see this challenge. This area had definitely been neglected.

Here it is BEFORE:
The Cabinet-BEFORE

Top Drawer-BEFORE

Middle Drawer-BEFORE

Bottom Drawer-BEFORE

I cleared it all out, wiped it down & added some contact paper to freshen it up a bit.

Here is the cabinet-AFTER

Hair Accessories-AFTER

Face pads, Qtips & Cotton Balls-AFTER

Handy Caddy-AFTER

My curling irons, flat iron & blow dryer-AFTER

Top Drawer-AFTER

Middle Drawer-AFTER

Bottom Drawer-AFTER


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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

ORGANIZATION: The Medicine Cabinet Day #13

The Medicine Cabinet Day #13

Here is my medicine cabinet. It isn't too horrible, but needed little bit of TLC. Now everything in this cabinet is what we use pretty regularly. Anything that is overstock or the stuff we don't use as often can be found in my linen closet as seen in this post here!

Here are the BEFORE'S:



The toothpaste/floss basket

Ointment, creams, first aid

Nails, clippers, etc


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