Monday, January 17, 2011

ORGANIZATION: The Freezer (Kitchen) Day #11

Day #11 The Freezer (Kitchen)

CONFESSION: I have 2 Freezers. This is the only one I had time to get to through. My other freezer is a chest freezer & is plum full. It is completely NOT organized and will take me some time to get it done. is the upstairs (Kitchen) freezer. This was a really quick challenge.
Here it is BEFORE.

The door BEFORE.

Here she is after I got it all cleaned out & sanitized.

Their temporary home while I was cleaning.

Here it is AFTER I got it all back together.

 Baskets I got at the Dollar Tree &
this one holds the lunch meat.
The door AFTER.

For anyone with kids, this ice pack is a mother's dream. If you have 2 boys like me, you will have MANY bumps & bruises along the way. (George & Bob the Builder ice packs
both make their tears go away quick, it's the first thing they ask for when they have a bump)
This are really nice as they have a cloth cover & don't get too cold. I picked mine up at Target.


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  1. This is totally going to encourage me tomorrow to do my freezers! Thanx!


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