Friday, January 7, 2011

ORGANIZATION: Under the Kitchen Sink Day #5

Day #5-Under the Kitchen Sink (21 Day Organizational Challenge)
This was on my list of problems areas I planned on tackling from my Resolution list item (get rid of clutter, organize & convert my cleaners into GREEN, non toxic cleaners). So I was HAPPY to see this challenge & I am hitting several resolution items for this area at one time! :)

I got my inspiration from over at "A Bowl Full of Lemons" on this one for sure! Check her inspirational post out here.
As you know, I am taking her "21 Day Organizing Challenge".

This is what it looked like before I started!

I's awful! Stuff literally fell out when you opened the door.

I started by clearing everything out.
It was pretty gross. I vacuumed it up & disinfected it.

Then I added this super cute contact paper I found at Target.
WOW...much better already! (another tip I got from Toni @ ABFOL)
I then started purging & getting rid of unnecessary stuff and almost empty containers (there were several).
Then I organized "like" things together.
(*can you see a pattern here?!)

Here is my bin of rubber gloves & scrubbers.
Here is my bin of Magic Erasers, my goo gone(both staples in my house), & other misc.

The two white stackable baskets I got from
Target for around $3 each.
The green bins I got at the dollar tree a while back.
The first green bin holds my rags & duster mitt.

The second green bin holds my Dishwasher soap, my glass top cleaner, and the other stuff I use on a regular basis.

I next installed these handy dandy wire racks I got at Walmart for $7 for a set of 3 different sizes. It works perfect to coral my spray cleaners. I still haven't hung up my other 2 yet. I will find a spot for them somewhere.

Here she is all done. It's clean, organized and ready for the new year! :)
The darker green container in case you were wondering is our composter pail. You can order one like it here. It makes composting easy, convenient & odor free! I highly suggest it!


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  1. Your transformation is fabulous. Doesnt it feel great??

  2. What a great makeover. I really need to get over to WalMart for some of those racks. My beloved Target doesn't have them. :(


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