Tuesday, January 11, 2011

ORGANIZATION: The Pantry part 1 Day #7

I am splitting this one up into 2 posts as I really have 2 pantry's. I had time to organize one of them, but not the other yet.
When we moved into our house this pantry/storage closet was a coat closet. We really didn't need a coat closet in my opinion so I turned it into a pantry and kitchen storage closet. It is sort of unique as it also houses our fish tank (or at least the backside of it).
You will understand as you look at the photos.

Here it is BEFORE:

Front View-BEFORE

Right Side-BEFORE

Left side-BEFORE
(*See the backside of our fish tank)

Here it is AFTER:

Full view-AFTER
Left side-AFTER

Right side-AFTER

My cookbook shelf-AFTER
(YIKES...my shelf is bowing, believe it or not I just weeded these out this past summer, there were more!)

2nd shelf-AFTER

3rd Shelf-AFTER

Right hand corner-AFTER
(This drawer system holds my kids snacks (top drawer), napkins/napkins/lunch bags/can coozies (middle drawer), and coffee filters/some storage containers/misc (bottom drawer)

Here is what the fish tank looks like from the front!

I got rid of a box full of stuff that I will be donating! WOW, it really feels good to purge & get rid of unnecessary stuff!


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