Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Decorating

I traditionally put up my Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. This year was no different. Although this year I decided to change things up a bit and try a new color scheme. As you can see, I choose a green & silver scheme. With a sort of bird twist as well.

Here are some of the ornaments close up.

Green bird

This little deer came from my Grandma's this past weekend. She had been to a auction and picked up a whole bunch of Christmas ornaments. She let us all pick through what we wanted. This was one of my picks. I added the green bow to make it go with my theme. This beautiful vintage ornament already had the green rhinestone eyes & glittery silver stars on the antlers. I LOVE it! Thanks Grandma Joyce!


Our angel we have had since we got married!

The Nativity

A view of the tree skirt. A clearance find last year at Target. It is a velvety material.

My table display. I got the inspiration from here. One of my favorite blog reads Young House Love.

This bird is from a pair that I found at the thrift store a while back (they were 50 cents a piece). The pretty silver ornament in the apothecary jar is from Walmart for $1.

My living room wall display. The glittery trees I got at the Dollar Tree this year in their clearance section 2 for $1. The feather tree was a clearance steal last year at Walgreen's after Christmas.

I LOVE this print!

Our front door from the inside.

Our front door from the outside.

My DIY wreath. (I couldn't find one that I liked so I decorated it myself)

More tree ornaments.

My kitchen cabinets.

These little cuties were my Grandma Sally's. I have 2 of them &
they really remind me of Christmas's as a child.

Here is the other.

The boys decorated the windows with Gel clings.

My corner curio. I store the Christmas Advent calendar in here so my boys don't get into it.


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Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Vinyl Stocking Hanger

Do you guys remember when I won $50 worth of vinyl from Today's Creative blog & Say it on the Wall??? Check it out here
Well here is one of the projects I made with some of it. It is a Christmas Stocking holder.
We don't have a fireplace or a mantle :(
So hanging the Christmas stockings have always been an issue on where can I hang them. So this is my solution.
I started with a old board I picked up at the Habitat for Humanity Restore a few months back for 50 cents.

I sanded it down good. Then I spray painted it red.

Once it was dry & added my beautiful vinyl from "Say it on the Wall".
Then I added silver hooks I picked up at Menard's for 79 cents a piece.

I added some picture hangers on the back & WHOLA!!! A new way for me to hang & display our Christmas stockings!


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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

OWLS...Ceramic Animals=LOVE

The latest craze around blog land and the decorating world is ceramic animals. Especially from two of my UBER FAVORITE blogs....Bower Power & Young House Love.

Here are some examples I L~O~V~E:

This owl from Bower Power's son Will's nursery.

This ceramic deer head also from Will's Nursery
I definitely may have to try this one. 

This rhino from Young House Love. They also did a whole blog post all about people in the "Ceramic Animal Club". Check it out here!
This owl is from Z Gallerie for $14.99....not a bad price, but you all know I am thrifty & I did it for only $2 for 2!

I found these beauties for $1 a piece!
I couldn't wait to get them home & give them their "NEW" look! A white spray paint makeover!
(*white spray paint already on hand)
Here they are all shiny, new & WHITE!

A close up

Here are some other painted ceramic animals I have around my house.

I heart birds!!!
I think I get my bird loving from my two Grandmas!

Another bird I spray painted awhile ago that sits on my window sill by my kitchen sink!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mason Jar Lamps

Here is another addition to my Master bedroom makeover. I am going for a sort of beachy theme, as I LOVE the ocean & beach. 

These were VERY EASY to make. I started out with 2 Antique Mason jars that I had collected years ago (I made a pair of lamps).
I filled them with those glass marble gems (it took about 2 bags for each lamp) which I got at the Dollar Tree. Then I drilled a hole in the lids for the lamp kit to attach to (I got my lamp kit from Menards for around $7 each). I then attached the lamp kit with the screws that came with it. Add the light bulb & shade I got from Kmart on clearance for $5.99 each.
Here is the end result.


Monday, November 15, 2010

Halloween Clearance Deals

I know Halloween is long gone & just a sweet memory now, but today I scored some killer deals at my local Shopko store. They had quite a bit of Halloween stuff still left & they had it clearanced out at 70-90% off.
Since Halloween in my 2nd favorite holiday after Christmas, I just couldn't pass up these deals. Here is what I got.

Here's the lot.

Wall Designer Accents: Regular $29.99 my price today $1.99
($28 in SAVINGS)

Trick or Treat Sign: Regular $9.99 my price today $.99
($9 in SAVINGS)

Build A Monster Gel Cling: Regular $6.99 my price today $.69 ($6.30 in SAVINGS)
My kids LOVE these Gel Clings...they enjoy rearranging them on the windows & mirrors.

8 Cupcake Boxes: Regular $2.99 each my price today $.29 each or $2.32 total for all 8 
($21.60 in SAVINGS)
These will be used to put cupcakes in for my son's Halloween Party next year for the cake walk.

4 Window Clings: Regular $6.99 each my price today $.69 each or $2.76 total for all 4
($25.20 in savings)
I will be donating these to my son's school for the Halloween Party next year.

Vampire T-shirt for my son: Regular $9.99 my price today $1.99 ($8 in SAVINGS)

Total for the day for $10.74 ($98.10 in SAVINGS). Can you Believe it???
Now, I need to get moving on my Christmas shopping!!! Only 40 days before Christmas!!!!!!