Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thrifty Twine Jar

OK, I had an idea for this Christmas apothecary jar I found at the Salvation Army for 50 cents. I thought I may be able to use sandpaper to get the Christmas tree image off so I could use it all the time instead of just the holidays. Well it didn't really workout as I expected. Instead the glass just got all scratched up. This happens to me sometimes. I have this ingenious idea, but then when I try and make it come to reality, I fail!
So I put it in my craft room and thought about it for a few days. Then I had another idea. Well since I can't get rid of the image, why not hide it!?! (especially since I had scratched it all up & it still had a Christmas tree on it) 
So that is where this idea came to play. I love the inspiration I found in the Pottery Barn catalog. They used twine in several of their displays. I happened to have a couple balls a twine laying around.

Here is my jar after trying to sandpaper off the Christmas tree image.
I basically just started by hot gluing the start of the twine on the bottom base & wrapped it around the jar until I got to the top. (This is a bit time consuming, but way worth it). When I got to the top I hot glued the end.  This is my end result!

I just plopped in a candle & WHOLA!! Oh, and the top of this jar actually fit some of my other Apothecary jars. So for the time being, it is home there!


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