Friday, November 12, 2010

Wall of Crosses

I am in the process of giving my Master bedroom a mini makeover. I have been collecting crosses for the past few years and have used them in my decorating. But recently I got the idea to group them all together for a bigger impact. The one wall in my Master bedroom has been blank for a while now & I thought it would be the perfect spot. 
I had quite a few crosses that I have accumulated over the past couple years, but I felt I needed a few more to make the statement wall. I happened to be in the Dollar Tree this week and found these beauties at 4 for $1. They must have been rejects & leftovers from Christmas last year because of their clearance price. I scooped up 4 different styles & headed home. I had the perfect spot for them.

Here is how I made them over:
I started by cutting off the gold string they each had...I am guessing they were meant to be a Christmas ornament.
Then I spray painted them each a different metallic spray paint color. (Silver, Copper, Black & Hammered Bronze...all leftover from previous projects).

Here are they are before:

And after:


Hammered Bronze


Here is the whole wall of crosses:

A close up

I LOVE how this wall turned out!


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  1. I love your wall of crosses. Not only is it attractive to look at but it is a subtle reminder to everyone that sees it of what is really important. I have a friend in Texas with a HUGE house that I featured earlier this year and she has a small wall where she has done this too to keep herself grounded.
    Thanks for sharing at Motivated Monday.


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