Thursday, January 13, 2011

ORGANIZATION: Toy Organization Day #9

Toy Organization & Storage Day #9

I am glad she covered this area as I just reorganized my boys toys right before Christmas in preparation for the Christmas windfall they always have. So I don't have any before photos unfortunately. And the systems I have in place really work well for our family The boys do really well at keeping things in their place. I organized it like a Preschool or Kindergarten room. Having a spot for everything. I used labels for everything. And since my youngest still can't read yet, I used photos on my labels for him to be able to see what was in each bucket.

Here is my oldest son's room:

This is his bookshelf with some of his toy storage.

His star wars buckets. He has the regular figures as well as the Galactic Hero size mini figures.

Here are his Indiana Jones figures & hunting guys.

A close up of his mini Star wars figures.

Here are some shelves in his closet. This area is very hard to photograph as it is a tight space.
Top shelf is for his magazines & middle shelf houses our View Master projector & slides.

Bottom shelves in his closet.
Smaller hunting guy sets, puzzles & army guys & play sets.

A close up of his smaller hunting guy stuff.

Close up of his army guys & sets.

Our Thomas the trains.

Here is my youngest son's closet. It holds most of his toys.
Full view of closet.
His toy bins which house most of his smaller toys.
I like this system as it keeps all those small toys out of the bottom of the toy box.
We only use a toy box for the bigger items.

A close up of his shelves.
His Knex I kept in their original boxes.

Close up of the "dress up" stuff....AKA handcuffs, sheriff badges, etc.

Here is the label I made. Most of my images I got off the Internet, but sometimes you just can't find what you need. So I took a photo myself to represent what was in the bucket.

Here is my original photo.

Close up of Super Heroes label.

The photo I took for the image.

Here are a few more toy storage areas in his room.

I like to re purpose things versus buying. These old jars make a perfect spot for his smaller bugs, and bouncy ball collection.

Here is my youngest son's bookshelf.

His big bug bucket here is a re purposed cheese ball container.

This re purposed bug container held mixed nuts & was from Target I believe.
I know....we have alot of BUGS! My youngest is obsessed!

I also posted all about our LEGO storage organization a while back. To see all about how we organized my son's LEGO collection check it out here!!! As well has how to get these cool FREE Lego labels too!


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