Monday, October 18, 2010

Halloween Countdown

I have seen several cute designs for a countdown to Halloween out here in blogland. This is such a GREAT way to display those cute Halloween photos you take every year for everyone to see. A good way to get them out of the albums and out each year for Halloween for you to reminisce and remember. My inspiration came from over at Eighteen 25. They had a guest blogger (Melissa from The Polka Dot Chair)who made this SUPER cute countdown calendar.  here for all the details & instructions on how to make it.

This "FAMILY" Photo easel I have had for years. It holds 40 photos so I was able to do a whole month's countdown.

Here is my version:

My oldest son's 1st Halloween/Fall.

Dressing up as a "puppy" family!

Oldest Son, still 1st Halloween.

T-man Puppy...1st Halloween.

His 2nd Halloween...the "Bee" family!

T-man...Bee...2nd Halloween.

My youngest C-man...1st Halloween (Frog)

T-man....Buzz Light year

My sister H...Pippi Longstocking & T-man...Buzz Light year.

My niece S...Princess & C-man....Pirate.

T-man...Pirate....nephew B...Pirate

All the Cousin's....Halloween's are much more FUN with cousins!

This one is ME, my first Halloween.
I was Raggedy Ann & they took the clothes right off my doll and put them on me for my costume.

My sister in laws, cousins & me. 
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle & scary Alien Co Worker.

T-man...Indiana Jones & C-man...Pirate again!

Cousin's...Ninja Turtle, Storm Trooper, Princess & Blue Power Ranger (blue cast to match).

T-man....Blue Power Ranger

Halloween shirts for school.

Vampire cousins!


MN Vikings players...Adrian Peterson & Brett Favre (with a face painting twist!)

2 Generations of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Fun with wigs. This was taken Halloween night playing around with Granny Sharyl's wigs!

The MN Vikings at the Halloween party at school.

Photos from School Halloween Party.

T-man with wig

The last few countdown days (4,3,2) I am waiting on some photos from family, and number 1 will be this current years photo of the boys. I Will update as soon as I get them done.
I hope you have enjoyed this Halloween Countdown as much as I had making it!

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