Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ice Cream Sundae Candy Bouquet Gift

Well, I try and be the organized Mom, but sometimes, time gets away from me & I am left scrambling at the end. My son had a birthday party he was invited to last week. I had something specific in mind (a game actually) that I wanted to buy for the gift, but do you think for the life of me I could find it anywhere in Winona. After stopping at Walmart, Fleet Farm & Target with no luck, I called Kmart & Shopko to see if they carried it. They didn't either. So here I am at 10am on Friday with nothing & the birthday party is at 4pm.
So I got my creative brain in action. I just picked up our Halloween candy at Target which got me thinking of an idea I had seen recently.
A Candy bouquet!!!!
I know, a kid's dream....a dentist's nightmare, but I just didn't want to buy another piece of plastic. So candy bouquet it is.

Here is the skinny on how to make it!

(Most of these items can be bought at the Dollar Tree, although other than the candy, I had all on hand)
Ice Cream Bowl
Styrofoam Ball
Mini Candy Bars (approximate 65)
2 Drinking Straws
Some curling ribbon

I started out by putting some of the candy bars in the Ice Cream Bowl (about 11).

Then I taped the Styrofoam ball to the top of the bowl.

Then just start taping the candy bars in rows. Start at the bottom & work your way up.

Once you fill up the ball add 2 straws, some decorative ribbon &



  1. Such a "sweet" idea! I love it.

  2. how did the tape hold to the ball what kind of tape

    1. I personally use a glue gun to put it on the base. It holds much better!

  3. Hi my name is Linda, and I love to do crafting things I'm always looking for great ideas on line I'm also a teacher and I love to make things for my parents what good ideas do you have for mother's day with candy.Please send them to my email Thank You


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