Monday, October 4, 2010

More Halloween Decorating & Pumpkin Makeovers

OK, I pulled the last of my Halloween decorations out today. I am going to have to go through it all and pair it down. I think 3 Rubbermaid totes is too many! I added a few things this year, but most I had already.

Here is what I am displaying this year!
The plates you have seen in my previous post...Dollar Tree Spookathon Halloween Plates. As well as the PB Knock off Mercury Glass pumpkin.  The green glitter "Trick or Treat" sign was from Shopko's 75% off clearance last year. All the candlestick pedestals were found at the Thrift Store for 50 cents to $1 as well as the Silver Tree. That I just found last week for $2.50 (it had a home goods tag still on the bottom for $19.99, compare at $38) so I thought $2.50 was a steal!
I also like the fact I can use it year round if I want too.

The skull print is what I won from Megan over at Polish the Stars Skull print giveaway (she made this BTW...isn't it great!). The mosaic ghost globe & orange tea light holder were also thrift store finds from earlier in the year for 25 cents and 50 cents each.
LOVE the skull print!
Then I pulled out my pumpkins that I have had for years.
The ceramic one with our last name carved in the mouth my dear Grandma Joyce made me about 5 years ago. It is my favorite Halloween decoration I have. The other one is a fiber optic one from Walgreen's I believe. The two gourds my son painted at preschool just a few days ago.

Then I had 2 other pumpkins that I have had for a long time & I was kinda sick of them. They are the light up ones. One of them the light had stopped working. So I glam ed them up a bit.
I will explain at the end of this post how I did them both.

And this is my little Halloween witch we received as a housewarming gift back in 2001 when we bought our home. The sign I got at the Thrift store as well for $1.

OK....onto the Pumpkin makeovers!

This is the first one:

First I took out the light which was inside. Then I taped up the stem and put garage sale stickers all over (check out my Faux Mercury Glass Pumpkins post here...I used this same technique with a twist. We are going to created a Polka Dotted Pumpkin. I also took duct tape and tape over the eyes, nose & mouth from the inside so I wouldn't get paint in there.

I then spray painted it black. Waited for the paint to dry, removed the stickers & WHOLA!

Next up, the Glittery Sparkly Pumpkin.

I started out with the pumpkin, a 3 pack of Martha Stewart Glitter (my glitter had the glue included, as well as a brush).

I then started "painting" the glue on the pumpkin.

Next up I sprinkled the glitter all over. This took a bit of time. Make sure you have newspaper down as this step is quite messy!

After the glitter job was done I took it out to my garage and sprayed it with an acrylic sealer to try and glitter proof it (make it so the glitter would stay on the pumpkin & not get all over my house!)
Here is the finished product:

(the skeleton guy my glitter pumpkin is on is from Shopko's last year clearance sale!)

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  1. Very cool, I love the re-designed pumpkins :) Visiting via Me Making Do Linky party :)

  2. I'm so happy that you liked the skull print! I love the glitter pumpkin! What a great way to spruce up an old decoration. Thanks for linking up to my Halloween Party!

    - Megan

  3. I love how you updated decorations you were otherwise tired of. Great job. At first I was wondering what those price stickers were all about but it all makes sense now ;)

    Visiting from The Girl Creative's link party.

  4. Michelle,
    Thanks so much for linking to Motivated Monday at Becolorful. Three tubs? You win but I am rapidly catching up. :)


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