Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Treats

I make several different types of cookies & treats for Christmas gatherings & for gifts to family & friends. CHOCOLATE is always on the recipe of most of my treats...me & my boys are HUGE chocolate lovers!
This is the simplest treat I make.

I buy the Holiday Shaped marshmallows (variations: Large marshmallows, chocolate swirl marshmallows, coconut marshmallows, etc) & chocolate almond bark or chocolate chips work too.

I have learned that the easiest way to melt chocolate for dipping anything is to put it in my little crock pot. After about 45 minutes it is perfectly melted and stays hot
& not icky for as long as I need it.

*Another quick tip is use the Crock pot liners and that will make clean up a snap!

So basically just dip the Holiday shaped marshmallows in the chocolate. Put them on cookie sheets lined with wax paper & wait for them to cool and the chocolate to harden!

I love that the holiday shaped ones are also colored!  This is what they look like inside!

Can't get any easier than that!



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