Monday, December 13, 2010

Up cycled Thrift Store Ornaments

Last week my youngest & I went to LaCrosse to try and "almost" finish up the Christmas shopping. We got all but 4 people done. We went into one of my FAVORITE consignment shops called "What a Girl Wants". For you women readers out there, this is a wonderful shop! They have everything a girl would want there: purses, jewelry, clothes, shoes, home decor & so much more! I take things there to sell quite often. Especially during the fall & winter months. (BTW...they are also on Facebook, where they post specials & discounts ....find them here!)
*******UPDATE: This Shop is No Longer Open...Bummer!*******

While there I came across some vintage ornaments. Now the peach & mint green colors really aren't my favorite color choices, but I LOVED the shapes.

So for 49 cents I got 2 deer, 2 doves, a goose & teddy bears (about 8 cents each!!!).

I started off by taking off the flowers & ribbons that were just hot glued on. And removing the gold thread hangers. They all came off very easily. (I did save the hangers to put back on after they were painted....I also saved the peach & mint colored ribbons & flowers for a possible future project,you know me: I don't throw ANYTHING away!!!!)

I just primed them with spray paint primer, and then spray painted them the colors I really wanted:
Green, silver & white.

Once the spray paint dried I sprayed them once again, this time with spray adhesive. Then I generously sprinkled them with glitter. I tapped off the excess glitter &


The green ornaments are a bit more green then the picture shows & they are all super sparkly!

Cute up cycled ornaments.
I am keeping a few for my own tree.
And giving some for cute present toppers on my gifts.
What do you think???

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