Monday, February 14, 2011

Kid's Birthday Gift Idea...Dollar Tree style

Here is what I have been putting together for my son's friend's birthday parties. He has been invited to 4 birthday parties in the past month. This is a simple, inexpensive idea. Instead of trying to shop for a toy or a game that we hope they like or don't already have I came up with this idea.

The Movie Gift Certificate package.

What you will need:

Popcorn tubs
(either plastic or cardboard...
I got mine at the thrift store for 25cents each)
Cello Wrap
(I got mine from the Dollar Tree)
Basket Shred
(also from the Dollar Tree)
Movie Theater Sized Candy
(Dollar Tree)
Movie Gift Certificate
(I usually get a $10 one, but obviously you do what is in your price range)

Here are all my supplies.

I find these popcorn tubs all the time at the Thrift stores, but you can also find them at the Dollar Tree or the Dollar Spot at Target. I have also gotten actual popcorn tubs from the movie theater that I buy the gift certificate from.)

Basket Shred (I use yellow because it looks like buttered popcorn!) This 1 bag can make 3 gifts usually.

Gift Certificate to our local movie theater.

Here they are all put together.

 I love giving this gift! I would much rather give an "Experience" then a piece of plastic! Especially in the $12 range that I spend total on each one of these.

What about you guys? What unique ideas do you have for Kid's birthday parties that your children are invited too?



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