Tuesday, February 8, 2011

ORGANIZATION: Home Management Binder Week #1

 I am doing ANOTHER challenge by a Bowl Full of Lemons Blog. I had so much fun doing her last Organizational challenge & it helped me stay on top of ALOT of my organizational goals. I am hoping this next challenge will do the same!
This one is a bit easier, as it is a weekly challenge. So she announces the challenge on Sunday, and you have all week to get it done! 
Her first challenge is the Home Management Binder. This one really helped me gather all my daily and important info all in one place. It works great along with the "Mobile Command Center" I also created with "A Bowl Full of Lemons" 21 day challenge.

Here is MY version of the Home Management Binder!

I started with these supplies:
I got my binder from Target for under $6. I also used LOTS of FREE printables. Throughout this post I will show you what I use and where I got them all!!!!

This was one of the MAIN reasons I bought this particular binder. It is made with paper containing 100% recycled fiber and printed with non toxic soy based ink! This blog isn't called Sustainably Chic Designs for nothing! :) My BIGGEST passion is green & frugal living and this gets a A+ in my book! And it also helps this binder is SUPER cute!!! Love the pattern & colors!

Here is my front label. I created it once again with these FREE labels from over at "It's A Crafty Life".
Go get em HERE.
Here is a closer look at what's inside!

My To Do tab.
This is really for my DAILY things I need to coral all in once place. I am a list maker, and usually have Lists all over the place. This is a nice, handy, and convenient place to make all those lists.

This is the FREE "To Do List" I found over at Moxie Works.net. (Also found over at Tip Junkie)
Tip Junkie is this GREAT site that sort of corals all kinds of cool ideas, tips, templates, printables, etc. Most of my FREE printables I found over there!
Picture 9 
This is my cleaning tab! I have to say, since starting this binder, this has really helped me break down my cleaning chores & makes it much more manageable. I do a little each day (usually 15 mins).

The printable for my cleaning schedule also came from Tip Junkie. You can get yours HERE.

Here is my Blog tab. The main thing I document for this area is my blog ideas and schedules.
I found this FREE printable over at one of my most FAVORITE Organization blogs "IHeart Organizing". You can get yours HERE! I LOVE this template. Jen makes all her stuff so COLORFUL & bright! It makes me smile just looking at this printable!!!! :)

Next up is my Family Info tab. This is where I store all important "Family & Friends" info.
Things like Important Phone numbers....

Important Phone Numbers
This one is from Tip Junkie. Get yours HERE.

Or Babysitter information....
Also Tip Junkie....get yours HERE.

I also have a Birthday Calendar List is this section. Tip Junkie has several to choose from.

This one is made for Monthly Tasks, but I like that I can keep all my birthday's on 2 sheets for quick easy references.
Find yours HERE!

Here's my Medical Tab.
This is where I keep all the important info like Health insurance numbers, policy numbers, hospital & clinic numbers. Our providers names and numbers, etc
This one is also from Tip Junkie....get yours HERE!

The last tab I have currently in this binder is my Finances tab.
I just have my Budget printed out in here. This is something my hubby just typed up in Excel. It shows are monthly estimated bills, payments, debts, etc. It also shows where our extra money goes to.
We follow the Dave Ramsey plan.

Here is the label I created for the spine. Also using those FREE labels from "It's a Crafty Life". I just changed the font direction on it.

And I store my new Home Management Binder right next to my Mobile Command Center in my Media closet.

Hope you enjoyed that rather long post! Thanks ladies whom created all those FUN & FREE printables. It saved me A TON of time not having to create each page! And please go check out their blogs! They are wonderful!!!


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  1. Hi! We're neighbors on the link party for this challenge so I thought I'd visit. I love all the colros in your binder! Mine is rather bland in comparison. And I didn't think to include a birthday list either. I also took a peek at your laundry room posts and I think I'd like to steal your washer/drier pedestal plan for my upcoming redo - it looks fabulous and I bet it saves your back!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing my link! :) I totally Heart what you have done here!


  3. I'm so glad you are using the labels! Your home binder looks fabulous...I so need to do this too. Can't imagine how good it feels to have it done! :-)

  4. Kudos to you for putting this brilliant (and much needed) guide together! I'm off to incorporate some of these into my daily world now. =)

  5. Thanks for the the links I can not wait to make my own pretty home notebook!

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