Monday, February 28, 2011

More THRIFTY St. Patrick's Day Art

I came across this UBER CUTE FREE printable today.

I have been looking for one more piece of St Patty's Day Art to display with my St. Patrick's Day decor.
This one totally fit the bill. It was new & unique and I just LOVE the fact it was so colorful!

Go over to "Funky Polkdadot Giraffe's" blog and get one for yourself HERE!

While your over there make sure you check out her blog! She has some great inspiration and ideas!

So this is what I did with it after I printed it out & framed it!
Don't you just LOVE it?!?!

See that sparkly little clover and feathers? It came from these....

which I picked up at the Dollar Tree. I will use the other one on another project I am working on.
Gotta LOVE the Dollar Tree!

Here is my "Seasonal Table" display for St Patty's Day.
I think it is finished now. Not bad for not having any St Patty's day decor when I started. The little green bird, green eggs, and blue & green candle holder are all from other areas in my house which I "shopped" for this display.


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