Monday, February 7, 2011

Kid's Valentines Day Card Boxes 2011

I have to say, I look each year for inspiration on this topic on the Internet, and don't really find too many fresh, new ideas. So I sorta tweaked something I found this year that was meant for candy favors. And the other is pretty much copied from what I found.

Family Fun magazine online came thru for me this year. It is where I got the inspiration for my 2 son's Valentine's Day Card boxes this year (2011). We had fun making them as usual. My kids really get into what cool creations they can make each year. I like to think they got most of their creativeness from ME! :)

Before I get started, let's just take a peek at what we created last year just for kicks.

Here are their card boxes from last year. T-man's took ALOT of time. It was his first time making one (Kindergarten), so we spent extra time on it. Sorry no photos before or in process. This is before I was blogging.

The tag says "Will You Be My Valentine". It is basically 2 boxes (one smaller than the other). Wrapped in silver wrapping paper (you could also use aluminum foil). His arms are small metal Slinky's we found in the Target Dollar Spot. His eyes are 2 of those little metallic kaleidoscope plastic party favors (found in the party favor section at Walmart). And a red paper heart doily and some foam stickers complete him.

C-man's I can't take credit for. His previous preschool made them with them. I only had to bring in a cereal box wrapped in white paper (they even provided the paper). They did all the cutting and the rest of the decorating with the kids while in class. They do variations of this style box every year. Ranging in just about every animal you can imagine. Even making a self portrait so to speak of themselves one year.

Well here is what we did THIS YEAR!

HERE is where I got the inspiration for my oldest son's card box.
Rock Candy
It is meant as a candy wrapper to cover those little boxes of conversation hearts. I just made a little bit bigger version for my son's card box.
We started with a Cereal box.

I taped it shut and wrapped it in red construction paper like a present.

Here is the finished product. I made up the Play list & Menu in Microsoft word. Added some heart foam stickers and some ear buds.

Here is a close up.

Here is where they put the cards.

Here are the downloads for the MENUPLAY LIST if you want to make your own.

Here is what I made for youngest! The inspiration came from HERE.Chews a Card
This one I pretty much followed the instructions, and just gave it a bit of my son's personality & creativity and worked with what I had on hand.
He LOVED it! And the best part, it was SOOO EASY to make!

I just spray painted a Kleenex box. Added a foam heart for the nose. The teeth are made of green felt I just cut. His eyes are just pipe cleaners wrapped around a pen. Eyes are circle punched card stock with eye stickers.

The BEST part about both projects is I didn't buy a single thing. I just dug in our craft stash to put them all together!


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  1. Wow Michelle, those are great! So creative. I love the monster box. Hope you're having a goo day, and if you have time, stop by and enter my giveaway.

  2. Oh My heck! These are so darn cute!!! Great ideas!! Sorry about our linky party issues!!! The provider we were using ended the party. We would love it if you linked up to the new party though!!!

  3. holy sweetness cupid.. the card boxes are so cute!!! Really fab stuff here!

  4. OMG!!! these boxes are FABULOUS!!!


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