Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rubbermaid Redo~Sweater Box

I got this Rubbermaid sweater box from the Salvation Army a few weeks back for 50 cents. You all know I am a sucker for anything related to organization. And Rubbermaid totes of any size I hoard like no tomorrow! :)
Well at 50 cents, who can go wrong. I didn't have a spot for it that day I brought it home. But I figured it out now.
I am someone who eats like 5 meals a day. I eat small portion snacks and then 3 regular meals. And with my new work schedule I don't get a "real" lunch until around 2pm. So snacks are vital for me to get through my work day. Especially since I eat my breakfast around 7:15am.

Well this is what my sweater box looked like when I bought it. As you can see it is quite old. The country blue top definitely speaks 80's. But again, at 50 cents, it was still a steal!!!!

(Sorry I forgot a before shot so I just flipped the lid over so you could see it's original country blue color)

Here she is AFTER a coat of Hot Pink Spray paint. Instant prettiness! :)

And since it will be housing snacks at work I lined the inside with pretty scrapbook paper cut to fit.

Here's another side view.

And the other side.

In case you were wondering where I got the pretty scrapbook paper here she is. It is a pack by Colorbok.
It comes with 8 12x12 sheets of coordinating paper. I got it at Target for only 99 cents.
I am actually working on another little project with this VERY SAME paper.
So stay tuned!!!


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