Tuesday, September 7, 2010

1st Day of School & Teacher Appreciate Gifts

Today is my oldest son's
first day of 1st Grade.
He was so excited to start this new school year.
Here he is before the bus picked him up.
Now let me explain the Mohawk :)
I am a mom that likes simple, easy & affordable. So we buzz our 2 boys hair ourselves. And this summer before our trip to Washington state, my boys decided they wanted Mohawks in honor of their Uncle in the army.
Well T-man here kept his the entire summer & negotiated with us to keep his summer do until after the first day of school (He wanted to show it off to all his friends on the first day). We agreed. So tonight after he gets off he bus.
It's haircut time! :)
*Check out the teacher appreciate gifts after the jump!

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Now these were inspired by a post over at eighteen25.
Go check out her instructions here!
Photo courtesy of eighteen 25
Now here is my version & process!

My supplies

Ideas to include: candy, gum, band aids, hand sanitizers, office supplies (paper clips, thumb tacks, binder clips, erasers), stamps, post it notes, etc.

 Fill the Boxes with the Goodies.
Then decorate the tops with a few
different scrapbook papers & WHOLA!
 Super cute & easy Teacher appreciation gifts!
Here's to a GREAT school year!

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