Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Halloween Potion & Specimen Jars

These potions jars have been so fun to make! My son's have really enjoyed helping me come up with what to put inside them & displaying them. I will try & be precise to what we put in them, as well as where we got the materials used in them.
-All the jars are recycled from jams, jelly, pickles, salsa, vinegar, olives, etc. bottles. All the lids were spray painted with flat black spray paint.

Here they are all displayed together:

-Most of the labels came from Love Manor's Flicker page. I just downloaded them & re sized them as necessary and printed them out on regular computer printer paper. This guy is genius! They are all unique & look VERY CONVINCING!

-The "Eye of Newt" Labels came from Martha Stewart here.

-The 2 Specimen Labels I just made in Microsoft Word using "Carbon Type" font. I then crumpled up the paper after they printed and distressed them so they looked old with stamp ink.
Inspiration for these 2 came from here.

I then took Rubber Cement and gave them a good coat on the front. Once that dried, I then rubber cemented the backs to the jars. I used Rubber band to keep them in place while they dried. Since I used a ink jet printer to print my labels I used the Rubber cement to keep the ink from bleeding/running if they got wet.

I got the "severed fingers" from the Dollar Tree. They were 5 fingers for a buck. I painted the nails on some of them to make them look a bit more realistic. Some with red nail polish & some I just used a black sharpie to color the nail. I filled the jar with water & added 3 drops of red food coloring.

I got these "Gummy Vampire Fangs" from the Dollar Tree. There were about 14 in a package.

I got these "Gummy Worms" from the Dollar Tree. I only used the Red/Yellow & Orange/Clear ones. I let my sons eat the Green/Red ones.

I got these "Sticky Goo Eyeballs" from Target. They were $4 a bag for 30 which I thought was kinda steep but I really wanted eyes of some sort. I wanted non-food ones so they will keep for future years.

I got these "Rubber Toy Bats" at the Dollar Tree in the toy section. They were 6 in a package. I only used 4 in my jar, added some water & 2 drops of red food coloring.

This is just a small vinegar bottle with water & lots of red food coloring in it.

This is just a sweet & sour bottle with water & green food coloring in it.

This is a half of a bottle of "Decorative Accents" from the floral/craft area at the Dollar Tree (these are hydrating beads that are used in floral arrangements). They are clear, gel like beads. I then added green food coloring & they soaked up the color.

The little skeleton is from Target he was $2 and found in the Halloween section.
The jar is leftover from my Chalkboard Paint Projects tutorial. This jar is made up of 3 different plastic skeletons that have broken due to my youngest son LOVING skeletons & playing with them until they break. All came from the Dollar Tree either this year or last. I just finished breaking them up and added all the pieces to the jar.

This is just two "Grow Sea Life-Octopus" from the Target Dollar Spot. *This is a toy that basically expands/grows to 3 times it's original size when put in water.
This is only 24 hours in water. I am hoping it gets as big as the jar it is in after a few days.

The Frog Apothecary & Rat Apothecary are both from my Halloween Apothecary Display here. The rats I got at Walmart in their Halloween section for $2 & the frogs were from the Dollar Tree in the toy section.

The skull came from Menard's for $1.99 in their Halloween section. It is also fiber optic & turns several different colors. (*It's not on in the photos)
And the Cloche it is sitting on is a project I just finished and need to post about (suspense). But it was a Thrift store find for around $3.50 by the time I got done with it. Accessorized with some Spanish moss.

 I got inspiration for these "Specimen/Potion Jars" from several places.

Here are some of them:

The Idea Room's-Creepy Halloween Apothecary gave me some more inspiration.

Aranamuerta-Dead Spider's musings and makings
featured a "Witches Kitchen" post that was also inspiring! Check it out here: http://aranamuerta.com/2008/01/29/witches-kitchen

Hope you enjoyed this C~R~E~E~P~Y post!

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  1. Miss Michelle, these turned out so cute. I REALLY need to get out my Halloween stuff. Great job!

    Jennie @ CInnaberry Suite

  2. Super cute! I found you at the Today's Creative Blog hop! Come by and visit me at Sassy Sites! We have a giveaway going on AND a header contest. Come by and check it out. xoxo

    Marni @ Sassy Sites!

  3. Fantastic job! Thank you so much for your kind words, it means a lot. I'm thrilled you and the family are enjoying the labels, they look awesome.

    Happy Halloween!


  4. What fun ideas!!! I love this display! :)

  5. Eeekkk! What FUN! I'll have to wait a few years because my kids would be too tempted to play with it all right now. But this is really really very fun! Thanks for linking up to Topsy Turvy Tuesday's.

  6. Wow! I am totally impressed! How fun to have your son help with all of the little details! Great job! Thanks so much for your sweet comments. It did my heart good! :)

  7. This is great! So creative!

    And thanks for stopping by! Glad I could provide you a tutorial for the pumpkins right when you bought all the supplies to redo yours! Hope they turned out well! :)

  8. Love it LOVE it Love it! Need you to come set this up at my house!
    Thanks for linking this up at Making It With Allie. I Hope to see you next week!

  9. what an awesome collection! huge!

    too spooky fun. you went all out on this. your ideas are fantastic!

    thanks for linking up to the FALL FESTIVAL!


  10. Super cute! I just showed the blog to my kids...they can't wait to get started!

  11. Super, super cool! Thanks for linking up to Be Different so I could find you. Great descriptions and pictures- my boys have been dying for me to do something like this and now I know how!

  12. I LOVE your potion display! I can't wait to get mine set up. Thanks again for linking to my Halloween Party!

    - Megan

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  14. What fun ideas!!! cool!cool!
    Happy halloween!Booo-Booo

  15. Looking to remake your BAT SKELETONS JAR. Can't find the label under Love Manor flickr page. Do you remember where you got that one from?

  16. They look great! How do you download the labels? I can see how to do it? Thanks for sharing!

  17. Thank you for sharing where one can print the labels! I just got done roasting a butternut squash for soup tonight. As I was peeling off the skin, I thought, hmmm this would be great skin in a jar....so gross, eh?
    Thanks again!


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