Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Name Frame Wedding Gift

This past weekend we had the honor of attending a family wedding.
It was a gorgeous day & a beautiful Mississippi riverside, outdoor wedding.
Here's the Happy Couple on their wedding day!
The past few years we have been invited to a ton of weddings (we average like 8 a year). So buying wedding gifts can get costly. To help defray the costs, I started making these name frames as gifts. Each one is personalized to the couple & they are very easy to make. Here is my breakdown on how to make them!

Frame (I buy mine at Walmart $3)
Various Scrapbook Papers & Card stock
Alphabet Stamps
Stamp Pad
Double sided tape
Paper Cutter


I start by cutting out my assorted/coordinating scrapbook paper for each letter of their last name. The size varies depending on how many letters in their name. I used 1 1/2 X 2 1/2 for theirs since it only had 5 letters. And then cut out the solid color card stock just a 1/4" bigger all around as well.
I did 1 3/4 X 2 3/4 for the black card stock. I also cut one larger piece that I use for the background. I use the sample paper they put inside your frame for the dimension.
Next I stamp out their name in coordinating ink on white card stock.
Then I cut out each letter.

I then piece it all together with my double sided tape.
And arrange it on the background paper.

I then add my ribbon for accent.
I also type up their first names & there Established wedding date on Microsoft word & print it out (this part is optional, they look good without it too).

I use a paper punch to add this final touch! Mine is from Stampin Up (Word Window Punch: The old style). I just punch the date & name & 2 separate black punches to accent it.
Frame it & WHOLA!!


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