Friday, September 10, 2010

The Company Store Outlet SCORE!

Yesterday my youngest son & I went on a little shopping excursion (I am taking advantage of my oldest being back in school :). We headed east to LaCrosse, Wisconsin (only 25 mins to the border from where we live in MN). They have a ton of thrift stores, consignments, and they also have a Company Store Outlet store since LaCrosse is where their corporate headquarters is located. We hit the outlet first & check out what we SCORED!!!
Now this little tissue box was SUPER cute. And as you know, my little one has a BUG theme in his room, but he also has a thing for PIRATES! He has been a pirate for Halloween 3 times in his 5 year life! :)
This tissue box normally retails for $12.99 which really isn't too bad, BUT I scored it for $1.99 which is EVEN BETTER! And although it doesn't match 100% in my Little man's room, the color scheme does & thus it is a purchase that made him VERY HAPPY!(I have learned in life you pick your battles, and this one was obviously minor)

The throw pillow cover went with their Bug's Quilt last season. I found this one all tucked away in a clearance bin for $1.99 too. This item retails $22 regularly. So for $4.20 I walked out of there with a big smile on my face &
happy with the treasures I found!!!!
My son was HAPPY too!

Then we headed over to the new Goodwill. They just opened it a few weeks ago. It is a BRAND NEW building built just for Goodwill. I had a few things on my list, but now I needed to find a throw pillow to stuff my new Bug pillow with. (I found some other treasures too, but will post about them later) 
This is what I found:

And for $1.99, I could totally handle that! So for about $6.00 I outfitted my son's room with some "High Quality" accessories!


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